About Ilkka Aho

Ilkka Aho was born in 1990, in Rauma, western Finland. He studied the art of painting first in Stockholm, Sweden, in The Swedish academy of realist art, SARA, and then with russian masters at the Repin institute, in Kotka, Finland. After his studies, he started workin as a free artist in 2015 and currently resides at the town of Kankaanpää.

In his work, Aho is taking inspiration from the old masters of baroque and from the art of nineteenth century symbolists. Symbolic themes are very much prevalent in his works. In still lives the symbolic side of every day objects are emphasized along with the aestethic side. In figurative works the influences of mythology and symbolism are even more forcefully manifested and compared to more realist still lives.

Aho works exclusively with oil paints. His range of motifs range from figurative works to smaller landscapes and still life paintings. In his works he pays hommage to the technical traditions of the fine craft of arts.

Curriculum Vitae

Solo exhibitions:

  • Galleria Toivo Klaukkala 2017
  • Galleria Myötätuuli, Raahe, 2017
  • Galleria Dix, Helsinki, 2017
  • Gallery Nina Art, Kotka, 2017
  • Jade Gallery, Helsinki, 2016
  • Tullin kaffe,  Rauma,2016
  • Taidemakasiini Art, Porvoo, 2016
  • Patoklubi, Kuusankoski, 2016
  • Galleria Artturi, Rauma, 2015
  • Pryki, Uusikaupunki, 2015

Group exhibitions:

  • Repin-instituutin 10-vuotisnäyttely, Merikeskus Vellamo, Kotka, 2016
  • Repin-instituutin 10-vuotisnäyttely, galleria Krypta, Helsinki, 2016
  • Kuvataiteen päivä, Sepän talo, Rauma, 2016
  • Kohtaamisia Padolla V,  Patogalleria, Kuusankoski, 2016
  • The Living Gulf of Finland- Art Festival, Saint-Petersburg, 2015
  • Galleria Antareksen Croquis-piirin satoa, Kotka, 2015
  • Sara group exhibition, Vaxholms Rådhus, Vaxholm, 2015
  • Repin- instituutin avoimet ovet, Kotka, 2015
  • Galleria Nikolai, Kotka, 2014
  • Galleria Klassiset Veneet, Loviisa, 2014
  • Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping, 2014

Upcoming exhibitions

  • Patogalleria, Kuusankoski, 2017


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